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TV Research

I had a quiet day today. I was very tired after a somewhat restless night. I dreamed last night and I've recorded it in baddreams.

I'm not keeping to my resolution to have fun. I need to find something to *do* with my time these days. I spoke to lutron again either yesterday or today, I am not sure which. In any event it was a second call. We talked about about television viewing. I caught him up on Stargate SG-1, one of the few shows I watch regularly.

I am following up on a thought from lutron in that I am going to re-explore the world of projection television. I have a 27" TV in the living room and I can no longer see it well enough to watch enjoyable unless I am sitting within about two feet of it. This makes it difficult for others. A projection TV could up the display to 60" or even 100" under the right circumstances. I have to do some analysis of the costs and the upkeep. My research on the subject a while ago was such that the cost was not prohibitive, but that the lamp life and cost would be far to expensive for a television that is on for many hours a day. Some of the LCD projectors give a similar display, but of lesser quality. They might however be sufficient and have a longer life. I have to study the situation again. A year or so ago it was not something I thought I could do. My ability to watch has degraded since then, however, and I may now feel differently. In any event I am going to have to factor in the fact that any television at all will probably be out of the question for me after another two or three years. If any of you out there are knowledgable or have any suggestions, I'd welcome them.


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