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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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a nothing day nevertheless busy
nanowrimo 2010

Today was an utterly un-busy day that somehow managed a frenetic flavor. I missed my Doctor's appoint with Dr. Biller, my M.D. The phone rang several times, but always for someone else. I didn't even need to take messages, but it made me feel like I had been busy. Go figger.

Little fun du jour, save for a phone call from Luis. We got to talk about chiropractors while he was on the way to his. We haven't chatted for a while, so I was delighted to hear from him. I've been down lately, and hearing from him cheers me every time. I am anxious to hear from him what plans he has for upcoming times.

I got one of those phone calls I hate today. "Hello. Who is this?" Why do people call a number they don't know to ask who they are calling. I think it is rude. I never talk to such people and sometimes take the time to piss them off before I hang up. My question: if you don't know who you're calling and aren't willing to say who you are to help them figure out why a call might have been made: if you are in such a position that such secrecy and caution is needful, why are you calling numbers you can't identify? *sigh*

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Oh, I am *stunningly* rude to the "who is this" caller.

Look, asshat, I say, this is not mission impossible.


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