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poem a day?

Fun to day was minimal, but the attempt was made. I was without transport most of the day so I contented myself with some web surfing and a sinfully powerful onion on my hamburger tonight — Sorta fun.

Got a call from the rent-a-car company to say that the rental I had arranged for NFB for the 18th of March was not available. They haven't called back. I don't know what will happen. Local car rental agencies are poor at best. I can't believe a reservation made and confirmed on January 15th for March 18th could be canceled at this late date. It really ticks me off. This is a crowd of blind people. Alternative transportation is not going to be easy. It is not like they can just go in multiple cars instead of the van ordered. Drivers are at a premium among the blind. Not my problem, though.

I found a challenge community today. The challenge is to write a poem every day for 100 days. Not really that hard for me, as I have written a poem a day for years. I suppose the challenge will be to post it and keep track.


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