Karl (louderback) wrote,

My "mental problems"

The un-fun du jour is a trip to Dr. Chorus, my neurologist. While in the waiting room I resolved I'd go to the movies. That resolution lasted until I got into the car. Exhaustion set in.

I slept most of the afternoon away. Naps are "fun" right?

I succumbed to my urge to offer advice today. I really should keep my mouth shut. It had a good outcome, though. So that was "fun" right?

Distinctly un-fun was a note from my ex-superior in the NFB telling me how sorry the chapter was about my mental problems. I had to laugh at that. They are telling him my resignation was my fault. I'm depressed, not bipolar. I don't *have* that kind of problem. *sigh* I'm not going to address the issue.


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