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A night of mares ...

I fell asleep in my chair at about 19:30 last night. I woke about two hours later and crawled into my bed. It rewarded me with a fitful night's sleep filled with nightmares. I did "sleep" until about 3:30 this morning. I can't say I rested at all.


  1. Adrift with no reference points a door (seems natural that there's nothing like a wall or a room associated with this door) opens up to disclose three long strips dangling on hooks inside a closet-like area. There are other things in there, but I don't take any real recognition of the fact. Perspective changes and the three long strips become tissue-like appendages dangling from my side in the spot where I once had a temporary colostomy. I look down in revulsion as the strips wiggle and move about like tape worms. Then it is over.
  2. I hear small children are playing outside my window. I walk over to look outside and there are four of them in the yard. But they are not really children, just child-shaped automata running about playing like children. Seeing them, unclothed, fleshy, bald headed and with no hair or eyes or mouths I am horrified. They stop to look at me and I retreat from the window. It is over.
  3. Scorching sun beats down on me. I am walking on hot asphalt. Rain begins but it is not cool against my skin, it is hot and makes me feel like I am being perspired on. I trudge along, the road hot against my feet. I keep my head down against clouds of dust filled with debris, bits of gravel bounce off me, tiny sharp objects scratch my hands and arms as I walk. An enormous vehicle roars past me from behind. When I look up I can see another coming toward me down the same road. It is tall and very long with a streamlined shape not unlike the old '50s "hi tech" locomotives. It roars past and I turn to watch it go by. A small animal hops toward me out of the desert and watches as I walk past. It looks like a rabbit but has lizard skin and no ears. I turn and see it hop across the road behind me. When I turn back, the road is gone but the big train-like vehicles are still rushing past stirring up sand and grit as I walk against the wind. I look up into the sun and the glare wakes me up.

Deeply weird.


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