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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Pellet Stove
nanowrimo 2010


I did something resembling an honest day's work today. My son and a friend visited yesterday and installed the pellet stove. We've had it a while. We keep installing it, de-installing it and moving it hither and yon. Not from any lack of satisfaction mind you… it is great. The moving is more a matter of unusual circumstances.

We bought today half-a-ton (that being what was available) of oak pellets. This is the fuel the stove burns. Twenty-five forty-pound bags (which I unloaded myself) will last us eight weeks or so depending on how cold is the winter weather. It cost about $75, and will probably keep the furnace from running more than an hour or two a day, at the most. It really is a tremendous saving on the heating bill every winter.

The medical bill for adjusting my back after moving forty-pound bags of oak pellets may mitigate the savings. Oof!

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sweet. pellet stoves are awesome :)

At least, i remember them being very comfortable.

We've never used anything but a wood furnace to heat our house.

There's nothing quite like getting up at like 5 or 5:30am every morning to split would and attempt to start a fire before you freeze to the basement floor :)

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