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The day after elections


The Novel is on schedule. I should be at about 5100 words and my count is 5435. I have posted nothing additional to the web site. I am to tired and too sick to fiddle with HTML.


It seems obligatory today to make some sort of comment on the election.

My taxes, I am certain, will go up. My income, I am equally certain, will go down. I am confident that this would have been the same regardless of the outcome of the election. This makes the other issues of the election somewhat abstract to my self-centered self.

I find myself undismayed at the prospect of four more years of Bush though I profess no great admiration for the man and no respect for his policies. I find myself longing not at all for the Kerry years that are not to be. In the final analysis, I don't think that the whole hoopla of the last two years of irritating me by phone and through the various media will do much more to affect my life than increase my taxes and decrease my income while occasionally annoying me through the media on other topics. That has been the sum total effect of every President in my life so far.

I am mildly interested in the new governor of the state of Missouri. I know little of either candidate. Matt Blunt is the apparent winner. His young, 33, and comes across as idealistic. This is a dramatic difference from the usual run of Missouri politicians. If he is not ground up by the political machine it is of interest to see if he can enact some change. I look forward to seeing if he fights the good fight.


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