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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010


The day seemed to drag today. Nothing eventful broke up the day at all, but that is itself, a non-event. In the late afternoon, someone called and offered to buy the house, but it is already spoken for so that turned out to be a non-event too.


I worked briefly on more outlining and plot development for my NaNoWriMo novel. My working title is "Shaman Asleep" and I will be posting updates on a daily basis to my web site. I haven't selected the precise location as yet so watch for the direct link tomorrow or Saturday.

A thumbnail - In the great western ocean there exists a volcanic cone so vast that were it raised from the deep trench in which it lies it would be the greatest mountain on the earth. As it is it barely breaks the surface of the ocean. It's cone creates rises above the ocean creating a crater island ringing a lake fifty miles in diameter, a small fresh-water sea in the midst of the ocean. Using magical means and the greatest engineering of which the world is capable, an island has been constructed in the center of the sea, nearly twenty miles in diameter and two miles deep. This island is the prison Ama Loa.

In this unique place, home to the hereditary Guardian caste, and a few thousand civilian population, evil sorcerers are imprisoned forever. Prisoners may be shipped to the Island, but none may ever leave. Neither the Guardians nor their civilian families may leave. The prison of Ama Loa is a prison for all - and for all time.


I had planned a Halloween party for Saturday night. I was unable to raise enough interest, so it has been called off. Oh well, maybe next year.

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WOW. You've got to tell me about this Team Bonzai Timeline thing.

(I was browsing your website)

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