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New format for the journal ... again

Catching up

I've written little of late other than complaints. I'll try to remedy that with this post. There has been a good bit going on in my life, some good, some bad, all of it complicated and weird. Are any of you surprised?


My health seems to be deteriorating again. I go through cycles of this. I reach plateaus of stability then cycle downward for a while. I am going through a depression cycle, so expect a lot of moaning, groaning, and negativity in my journal.

My doctor is leaving town. I take no credit for this. Now I have to find a new PCP. The selection is not what I call impressive. The decision process has not so far been pleasant either. I am having trouble electing the criteria I should use in making my choice. Any suggestions would be welcome.


I am a little excited about this one. Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. I have signed up with login name: louderback. You can go to the site and learn about the whole contest/event whatever it is. Basically, I am going to write a minimum of one thousand seven hundred words a day and thereby accomplish the goal of writing a fifty thousand word novel in the course of the thirty days of november. 1700x30=51,000. Now, in my opinion, that is far short of a "real" novel. I am aiming at one hundred thousand words for a minimum within the thirty days. That works out to about three thousand four hundred words a day

I have completed a fairly detailed structure in a product called "dramatica" using a free demo version. I can't really use the information I typed in but it was a useful exercise in developing the characters and the basic structure. I also used another free demo of another related product called "storyview" to develop the whole thing all over again. I have a pretty clear idea of where I'll go once I start writing. A few questions remain, but I think they cannot be answered until I start writing.

Mr. President

You may now begin addressing me as "Mr. President". No, I haven't gone political on you. Several friends and I have formed a group that we hope to have recognized as a chapter of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). We hope to call it the Central Missouri Chapter. It will be an outreach organization for the blind of about ten counties in the area.

The group elected me President. There was a very small number of candidates. I hope to get the ball rolling then resign. It is my belief that the organization can be a big social boon to a group with very little in the way of advocacy and recognition in this area. Such is not really my area of expertise, and I have no real "calling" but these people are my friends.

The Farm

I've previously mentioned my brother's situation and the destruction of the house in the country that my family always referred to as "the farm" (though it never was in any actual sense a farm). I'll not revisit the matter in any detail now save to say that I am divesting myself of any interest in the place. It makes me unhappy to do so but I feel it a necessary step for many reasons.

Livin' la vida Springer

I really don't want to go into this one in detail, but here's the short yet, amazingly convoluted version. Bobby is still in jail, is still being screwed over by his sis, who seems to be working to keep him there. Betty, his fianceé is scrambling in panic mode to get him out while being evicted from her home. Meanwhile Cyndi's demented teen Liz has run off to a neighboring state to get papers allowing her to get married at 17 intending to use them in this state all unawares that that won't work. Cyndi, discovering that Liz has pawned thousands of dollars worth of family jewelry for a couple hundred bucks has sworn out a warrant for Liz' arrest and informed the police of her likely whereabouts whilst having a nervous breakdown. My sister has been baby-sitting Cyndi for days while the doctor who has prescribed bed-rest and knockout pills keeps Cyndi unconscious. Cyndi's estranged (separated) and soon to be ex-husband hangs around trying to be "useful". Meanwhile her eldest son goes to stay with the ex to "get out of the way" and promptly skips school causing phone calls and various stages and levels of panic. Failing to understand "what's the big deal" he gets pissed at his mother and stomps out.

If I could just get these people to all move to the same trailer park we could be on Jerry Springer.

Domestic Arrangements

Kim & Mario are moving in November, probably to a house in the neighborhood. They want to stay in the same school district for Cheyenne's sake.

Joe & Lisa (my son & daughter-in-law) have bought my house and will be moving in at the end of November. I will remain here (as will my sister) for a while.

Sis will be leaving once she finds a job in the area where she really wants to live and she is certain I have my situation taken care of. I hate it that she feels her situation depends on my own, but I understand. She wants to live far out in the country. I think Jefferson City, MO is far out in the country. She wants to live in a place like Brumley.

I will be trying to move in the spring.

Travel Plans

I hope to visit Tampa in January. I will spend two weeks or perhaps three with friends in Tampa, New Smyrna Beach, and St. Petersburg. It won't be a luxurious business. I will spend it "working" trying to find a place to live and a way to live there.


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