Karl (louderback) wrote,

Big Nada

Dear LiveJournal Friends,

Things were a bit rough this afternoon. My blood sugar went low unexpectedly (40) and I haven't been able to get it above 80 since. I've had orange juice, a spoon of sugar, I've eaten dinner — a large meal — and have snacked incessantly. It is a full eight hours later and, having taken no medications of any sort, my sugar won't improve. I am a little leery of going to sleep.

The day has otherwise been unremarkable. I have been trying to buy, of all things, a bell. Not as easy as it sounds. Not least among the impediments is that I am not precisely what sort of bell it is that I am trying to buy. More later, as the search progresses.

I really have nothing to write about. What am I doing here?


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