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The name game

Dear LiveJournal Friends,

I wish I could hear myself pronounce my name as others hear it. There must be something going on that I don't know about.

My name has been a problem all my life. In my youth I had this hyphen problem. And there was the whole "K" thing. I'd introduce myself — "Hello. I'm Karl-Robert with a hyphen and a 'K' —". That became so automatic that people began responding with things like, "Pleased to meet you Mr. Andakay." What? They thought my middle name was Withahyphen?

Today I told someone on the phone my name was Louderback. Now I think I pronounce that "louder" as in "turn up the TV louder" and "back" as in "come back here!" Obviously, this is not the case. The person on the phone asked me "Is that with a 'd'?" This left me utterly confused. I am accustomed to "Is that with an 'a'?" for those who want to spell it like Lauderdale (in Florida the confusion of Louderback with Ft. Lauderdale was forgivable. In Missouri?) and even with those who want to put an "h" on the end instead of a "k" but what were they going to use instead of a "d"? Where?

My name used to be hard. The family patronym back in the old country was von Lauterbach und Halmisch. There isn't a fill-in form in the nation with enough boxes to hold that one. Louderback isn't that bad, is it?


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