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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Dear LiveJournal Friends,

Today was difficult for me. Nothing in particular was wrong or even very hard to do but everything seemed troublesome. Ever had that sort of day? Where perfectly level floors seemed uphill? Just my mood, I suppose.

My insurance company strong-armed some psychiatrist or other into an appointment. I suppose that is a good thing. I wonder how glad they'll be to see me?

I have slept deeply the last few nights though not for many hours. Tonight I find myself up at 2:30 for no particular reason. Well — The reason is a second portion of meat loaf from a frozen dinner and a second piece of garlic bread. Little demons were spearing me in my sleep with their farty pitchforks of flatulence. Even my dog abandoned the bed.

I have determined to attempt NANOWRIMO I am plotting and planning my novel now. I haven't really selected a storyline yet, but I have several in mind and will select one this weekend. I am looking for some software to help me develop my novel. The best such I have founds so far is called "dramatica". It looks pretty good but it is over $200. I am never going to own a copy of that! Anybody know of story development software in the bargain basement range?

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farty pitchforks of flatulence!?! ROTFL!

Oh believe me, I recognize those sorts of days. Usually go back to bed, if I can.

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