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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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tired tired tired
nanowrimo 2010
Dear LiveJournal Friends,

I am very tired today. I've spent the day doing nothing tiring yet I feel I've exhausted myself. My most strenuous activity of the day has been copying either DVDs or CDs. I really like the software on this computer for managing either. The XP Media Edition is a very good setup. Congratulations to Sony for a good idea. The only downside to the blinking thing is that my large hard drive (250g) actually needs to be bigger … if you can imagine that to be true. <smile>I'm such a packrat</smile>

Joe & Lisa were here for dinner tonight. We finalized some plans and had a good meal. Joe suprised me by bringing a six pack of Killian's red and one of Dos Equis. I had one of each and thoroughly enjoyed breaking my diet.

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*Oozes envy*

You have a 250gb hard drive? My twenty gigabyte hard drive is looking pathetically small, now. Not that it didn't already.

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