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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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yet another of my intermittent epistles
nanowrimo 2010
Dear LiveJournal Friends,

  • I'm still dieting.
  • I've been taking my meds incorrectly.
  • Finances are worsening.
  • Good news and bad news for Sis.
  • My hand surgery is pretty much a thing of the past.
  • My seizures have stopped for the nonce.
  • I am determined to write

  • The results of my efforts to diet are... drumroll... a net gain of eight pounds. Is anyone surprised? I am not. When I think about food I always wind up eating more. Oh well. I am going to continue to try to eat less and maybe I'll eventually actually lose some weight.

    Part of my weight problem may have been that I continued two medications that I should have discontinued when I started the new ones. That caused some monstrously low blood sugars and may have caused my seizures and the weight gains I have experienced. I'll try to do it right this time and see if things work better. I'm starting on avandamet and topamax correctly this time and maybe it will make a difference.

    My finances are in very poor shape. My roomers can't come up with any more cash so I am going to ask 'em to go. I can't afford to have 'em here at the current rate. When it was more important to have someone here than for them to pay their own way it was ok but now the issue is reversed. It is more important for them to pay their own way than just to be here in case I get into trouble. I know it will upset them to leave, but I have to look after my own interests. I am looking into a place in Crystal River Florida. If I sign over my house and Social Security they'll put me up in assisted living. It sounds pretty nice. I think I'll probably hate it. I think I'll probably do it anyway. *sigh* I feel my options are narrowing.

    Sis reports that the results of her colonoscopy are no worse than a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Basically a medical shrug. It could have been much worse. I suspect it is worse and she is just not telling me. Maybe that is just paranoia on my part.

    My hand is doing well. The scab from the surgery is peeling off now and it actually hurts more at this stage than it did right after the surgery. It is not bad and I have pretty much the full use of my hand. Hurrah and similar exclamations! I have been obsessing about this for a while and have been still more worried about it the situation than the more astute among you have probably discerned. I am now officially not much worried about it at all and will now shut up on the subject.

    Since correcting my meds, my seizures have fallen back to the normal pattern of a couple of almost-seizures (dizzy spells) a couple of times a week. I can live with this. I have been, at any rate. I despair of any local doc taking an interest in the situation or having any ability to discern causes. Once I get relocated to a part of the country with actual medical practitioners above the quack level I hope things will change. I may even explore getting my eyes worked on.

    I am determined that I have to do some writing. I am becoming spiritually constipated. I just have to spew out a few thousand words of fiction to remedy this situation. I don't know how to cure this form of writer's block, but it has to happen soon. Suggestions are welcomed.

    I give up. I am boring myself. I'll bet you didn't even read this far.

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Hi Karl, It's Ceinwyn from Walkers. I read that you wanted to write, and I though of something you might be interested in. It's called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It's in November, so it's not really soon, but it's a fun challenge. info at http://www.nanowrimo.org/


Thank you for the reminder about nanowrimo. I do something every year, but had nearly forgotten it this year.

I've got to do something sooner, though or I'll just plain frustrate myself into extinction.

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