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Two Weeks Worth

Dear Friends,

It's been a very busy two weeks since last I wrote. I am typing slowly today due to surgery on my hand. I had a condition called dupuytren's contracture. It has been mitigated and I am pleased with the result. Still taking antibiotics and pain pills, I may not be the best judge of the results of last Friday's surgery but I think things went quite well.

My surgery was Friday Morning, well, about noon. I was home by about 4pm. I noted a woodchuck in the yard bobbing about. It is the noteworthy that the state of my mind and of my sedation made a jar of sun tea appear, credibly, to be a woodchuck. The woodchuck, and the surgery, caused me to miss my first appointment with Dr. Spalding, a psychiatrist. That will have ramifications. I think it is probably just as well that my first appointment with this psychiatrist not take place while sedated anyway.

My surgery was performed under a "bier block". That has sort of an unfortunate name, but it does mean that I was awake during the entire process and even conversed with the doctors. A bier block consists of a tourniquet near the armpit and an IV in the hand. They essentially pump the hand and arm full of anesthetic. Before they sutured everything up they showed me what they were doing and the icky thing they removed from my hand. Both were nothing like what I had imagined. I had understood them to be removing a sinew from the palm of my hand that ran more or less from the heel to the ring finger. What they removed appeared to be a squid that lived near the back of my hand in the general vicinity of my watch. They had to go quite deep in my hand, I thought they would be working quite shallow in my palm. The thing they removed was a striated phlegmesque tentacular and rather octopoid bloboid with a color I must describe as ectoplasmic alá ghostbusters. Ick.

Despite a great deal of other fuss and bother these last two weeks, I am not going to record much more. My sister is going tomorrow for a medical procedure. It is icky and I am very nervous about it. I hope the results are very positive. She has been feeling ill for some time.

Our resident seven-year-old Cheyenne starts School Monday. She is looking forward to it, I think. It is a new, and I think better, school for her. I plan to make an effort to supplement her schooling.

My moods have been rather unstable of late, erratic in conjunction with my blood glucose levels, I think. My doctor is after me to lose weight and control my sugar lest he insist I begin insulin injections. I don't want to do that. So I will try to lose some weight.

My sugars have been low on a couple of occasions. Normal blood sugars are 80 to 120. Mine are typically in the 200 range. I have had half a dozen at the 50 and 60 level recently. In conjunction with this, unrelated by all accounts, though I cannot understand how this could be, I have had had four really bad seizures. My sister has observed three of them. She describes them as grand mal. Muscle contractions, full extension convulsions, the whole works are what she has seen. This is quite unusual for me. Mostly my seizures have been very mild. Only a loss of consciousness, and a brief one at that. Perhaps the new medications are causing this. Perhaps my more stringent diet? Perhaps the combination of diet, medicine and lower blood sugars?

Perhaps my astrological sign? Maybe the phase of moon? Maybe the wrath of the some record company because I copied a CD?


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