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Struck by lightning while working in the basement. Kinds says it all.

Lightning jolts teen working on computer THE ASSOCIATED PRESS COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- A teenager working on his computer was jolted by a lightning strike that hit his family's home. Mike Bergeron, 15, of Council Bluffs was in the basement of the home about 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday when lightning struck the roof of the house, traveled through the electrical lines to the computer and shocked him. Linda Bergeron said the impact of the jolt sent her son flying about 5 feet backward. His sister was heading downstairs at the time and heard him fall. "He was unconscious when she found him," Linda Bergeron said. She said her son spent time in cardiac care at the hospital. He was released Wednesday morning but is going through outpatient care. "I never would have expected something like this to happen," Linda Bergeron said. "It's a very weird thing."

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