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Reading again

Dear Friends,

My last few days are a little hazy for me. I think I reported my doctor's visit. I guess that news hit me harder than I thought because I've been in a major depression. It has little outward symptomology save that I have been sleeping a great deal. I am feeling somewhat better, though.

I have done little besides play City of Heroes and sleep. The only activity of the last few days to reap any reward was to join bookshares. The rewards are considerable. I am reading for the first time in three years. I can download text versions of books. Nothing about that is remarkable save that with the new monitor I can blow up the text to an unreasonable size and actually read on-screen. This would be of little consequence save that bookshares has an assortment of books that I actually want to read. Unlike the books I get on tape, which are so old as to have been read by me before my vision went, the bookshares books are of considerable variety and often fairly new. I am dancing a little jig of delight (well, figuratively) even as I type.

I can't express how much I have missed reading. The experience still lacks the quality of sitting down with a book, but some of the essentials are there. I am relieved beyond any ability on my part to express.


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