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A blahesque day with no allegresse

Dear Friends,

My day began badly today. I went grocery shopping with my sister. I can't say precisely why, but grocery shopping always upsets me. I just hate going to the store for food. I don't mind other shopping, or at least it doesn't upset me in the same way.

My allegresse (joy) is in jeopardy of late. I find I am listening to Devo. Now that is disturbing on several levels. Firstly, that I would listen to Devo is, well, peculiar. I never was any sort of fan. Secondly, the fact that I am able to listen to Devo is just basically wrong. It should just annoy me. Thirdly, my capability for listening to the group comes from the fact that I have two albums. That is just disturbing. Most people I know don't even know who Devo are. They might be able to name a song (and they would all name "whip it" because of that inane swiffer commercial) but they couldn't name two. A week ago I couldn't have been sure that Devo even had two albums. It is, well, odd that I should own even one, much less two.

I blame the advertising industry.

I was scheduled to play the Marvel role playing game today and wimped out. After the grocery run I just didn't want to do anything. The weather has been severely blahesque, humid, rainy, and just plain miserable in turns. Going out was not an option today, and I did it anyway.


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