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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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A blahesque day with no allegresse
nanowrimo 2010
Dear Friends,

My day began badly today. I went grocery shopping with my sister. I can't say precisely why, but grocery shopping always upsets me. I just hate going to the store for food. I don't mind other shopping, or at least it doesn't upset me in the same way.

My allegresse (joy) is in jeopardy of late. I find I am listening to Devo. Now that is disturbing on several levels. Firstly, that I would listen to Devo is, well, peculiar. I never was any sort of fan. Secondly, the fact that I am able to listen to Devo is just basically wrong. It should just annoy me. Thirdly, my capability for listening to the group comes from the fact that I have two albums. That is just disturbing. Most people I know don't even know who Devo are. They might be able to name a song (and they would all name "whip it" because of that inane swiffer commercial) but they couldn't name two. A week ago I couldn't have been sure that Devo even had two albums. It is, well, odd that I should own even one, much less two.

I blame the advertising industry.

I was scheduled to play the Marvel role playing game today and wimped out. After the grocery run I just didn't want to do anything. The weather has been severely blahesque, humid, rainy, and just plain miserable in turns. Going out was not an option today, and I did it anyway.

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No! Jocko Homo is much better known in my house.

LOL, it hits me pretty funny that you are actually annoyed because of your judgment of Devo music, and not because of the Devo music itself. I've had minutes like that...it usually has something to do with watching MTV (specifically, lately, Jackass)...where I say to myself "why in the hell am I actually watching this?"

I smile every time I hear Devo music...the guys with the flowerpots on their heads.

i could name more than two devo songs! anyone who doesn't dig devo can eat it

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