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An update.... at last.

Dear Friends,

My last letter was the 16th. I'm not usually so dilatory. I think this is one of the longest gaps I've ever experience in my writing. I'm unable to come up with a reason for my procrastination. I have been a little busy and the intervening two weeks have been somewhat eventful, but I can't really claim just cause. Would that it were so.

I heard from my incarcerated brother two weeks ago. He is angry and bitter. That is really no surprise. I don't think I should take his anger seriously, or personally, for that matter, but it is hard not to do so. I won't discuss the issues between us. Suffice it to say that his perceived interests and mine conflict. I'm outside. He's inside. I win. I feel pretty nasty about that attitude, but I don't know what else to do on the subject.

A happier change is my new computer. The boys (Thanx, guys!) seem to have tired of my complaints and got together to get me a new computer. By new, I mean new. It is a Sony Vaio Desktop. It is actually a water-cooled computer. I have never seen that in a PC before, but mainframes used to use the technique. The monitor is HD-ready and a 23 inch rectangular piece of heaven for me. I can see it much better than a CRT (for no reason I can discern) and I am giddy with enjoyment of being able to see things on the screen for the first time in a year.

Now that I have a computer that will run 'em, I am getting back into my favorite games. I am playing Age of Empires and Empire Earth. I will be trying out Majesty soon. I have had the software for a while, but it wouldn't run on my old machine. I am also into an on-line game for the first time since the days of the Ultima Online debacle. I am playing something called City of Heroes. Basically, you build a super hero character and go about murdering, that is, "bringing to justice" various evil-doers. I am having a good time so far. I think the most interesting part of creating a super hero is the development of the costume. This is the best game of "dolly dress-up" I've seen since I was about four years old.

I actually have more news but just don't feel like communicating it at the moment. I'll be in touch.


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