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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Another missed day
nanowrimo 2010
Dear Friends,

I've missed another day writing. This speaks poorly for my diligince and my commitment to this diary. I resolve to select a time each day for writing here. I think it will probably be morning. I usually feel better and more inclined to write before noon.

My energy levels have been low for some time. I wonder to what degree such things are controlled by mood. I know that physical well-being and mental health are intertwined. "Mens sana in corpore sano". This is a truism dating back to Juvenal, I think. It might have been Aesculapius but I'm not sure his historicity is proven. It seems that every new health club owner and every new-age diet tries to quantify physical health. The self-help industry tries to quantify mental health. It would be nice if they would get together and do some scientific work with a goal greater than selling thigh-masters.

To the degree that I can tell, mental health virtually instills an urge toward physical health. Logically, it should be so. In fact, the most balanced of men, mentally, may be in poor shape. I am not certain of the quality of minds that lends us the discipline and the inclination to get sufficient exercise. The well-adjusted extrovert, it seems to me to be more inclined to exercise in groups, to sports, to the health club scene. I can't make a case for introverts all being unhealthy, but I would wager that a tendency could be found if sufficient statistics were available. Is it some quality closely related to the introvert/extrovert division that makes us want to be heatlhy?

Yesterday was a frantic day. The house was overrun by four girls younger than ten years of age. Things were rather frenetic, to say the least. I seldom mind having children around. Yesterday was an exception. I didn't enjoy the noise and bother.

My day wrapped up well enough yesterday. I slept early and long. I am dieting, something that usually ruins my mood. I hope to have my glucose levels back in control by 7 August, my next doctor's appointment.