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Starting out slow

I had an unpleasant awakening this morning. When I got up my vision was extremely blurry. It took nearly ten minutes for it to clear. I am glad I've got an appointment with the ophthalmologist the 30th. My vision has been getting steadily more troublesome.

Tried to update SoulCatchers diary this morning and got distracted. Maybe later. Lots happening on that front. The pour soul is positively beleaguered. As am I.

I lament again that I am falling out of touch with my kids. I have lost track of Max again. His phone in California has been changed with no forwarding number. I just have to wait until he calls me with the new one. He keeps doing this sort of thing … moving with no forwarding address. Should I take a hint?

The new work schedule is working out OK. I thought I would be utterly exhausted at the end of a ten-hour schedule, but I find it is not much changed from my previous. My evening seems quite short, though. By the time I finish supper it is after 18:00. That leaves me only about three hours in which to do anything before I collapse for the night.

The Mighty Ed is back in Floridia. I was in the habit of chatting with him online before his recent sojourn in Portland. I hope the habit will resume.

The Beastofexmoor is prolific. Wish I could produce so much poetry and so much prose. Hate is as well. I envy them some of the energy and none of the angst.


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