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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Busy but uninteresting
nanowrimo 2010

Today was busy but pretty uninteresting. I managed a visit to the grocery without any significant trauma. In many ways this was the highlight of my day. I wore some of my new clothing today. I am pleased. I re-stocked my liquor cabinet ... that was easy. I returned to Belle, MO — something I thought I would not do — for banking purposes. The only interesting event of the day happened near to supper time when the postman rammed my sister's car.

The grocery store was uneventful. I resupplied my stock of Diet Pepsi. I am drinking entirely too much of that. I am now consuming an entire 2-liter bottle every day (well, usually). I'm going to have to find a new liquid to be the focus of my life. Water doesn't cut it as the local tap water gives me the shits. I refuse to pay a buck a bottle for water. Maybe a water filter is in order... hmmm.

I re-stocked my liquor cabinet. This is a simple process as it contains a single bottle. I got a call early in the week from Ray, the counter man at the local grocery's liquor department. He knows me because I once ordered a bottle of Patron tequila — a special order in this neighborhood. He got in a bottle and gave me a call. Today I picked up a bottle of Patron Gold. It is excellent stuff. Sounds like a "margarita night" is in order.

I wore some of my new clothes today. A new pair of jeans that don't fall down when I walk. I wore a brick-colored shirt that Iike quite a lot. I got pants and shirt at Eddie Bauer. I was thrilled that the jeans were a 38" waist. The last pair I bought (and all of those I currently own) are a 42" waist. My shirt was XL instead of XXL. Why do I weight the same?

My trip to Belle was a bit unexpected. I went with two friends to introduce them to the banker there. Things went very well. They got along well with the loan officer and got approved for a loan to help out with their upcoming nuptials. Bill, the loan officer went above and beyond to be accomodating and helpful. We made him late for a dental appointment but he hung in and got things done. Belle State Bank and Bill get my vote for "Best Bank (and banker)" of the year.

In mid-afternoon, my sister and the postman had a major falling out. Our postman (woman... Patty is her name) is rather tyrannical. It annoys her that anyone can park within a thousand miles of my mailbox. She has suggested (a bit forcefully, in my opinion) that I should move my mailbox. I refuse to put my mailbox at the bottom of a hill that I will have to shuffle up and down in the winter to get my mail. Today, she hit my sister's parked car while delivering mail and just drove away. My sis' friend called the police. Sis ran patty down at the next mailbox. They had a heated exchange. Later, talking to Patty's supervisor, my sis got no satisfaction. I have no hobby. I may make this my hobby.

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(smile) Nothin like a new red shirt to liven up the wardrobe!

I was pretty happy with my Pur tap water filter.

about Pur water filters. I think that will be my first purchase next time I get paid.

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