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It's been four days since I updated last. I don't remember the substance of that update and haven't the patience to go back and read it so I don't repeat myself. Suffer.

Last Week

Eventful describes last week accurately but incorrectly, somehow.

  • I had news of my brother that disheartened me..
  • I was contacted by the bureaucratic nexus that handles blind pensions and medicaid..
  • I cancelled my trip to Florida.
  • A camera I bought for the Trip to Florida arrived.
  • The 7-year-old was on vacation.
  • My dog ate my shoes.
  • I bought the first pound of "good" coffee I've had in months.
  • I failed to find a psychiatrist and won a minor victory over the insurance company from Hell.
  • I didn't go to the local renaissance fair.
  • I didn't go to prison.

News of My Brother

My brother John surrendered to the authorities on the 18th. That would have been my parent's 68th wedding anniversary. It would have been the day after my father's birthday. He was sentenced to at least seven counts of five years each and four counts of four years each. Initially, one of the dimwits he hung out with told me that they were to be served concurrently and added the numbers up in such a fashion that I knew he meant consecutively. I discounted his information from the beginning but believed based upon more reliable reports of the procecutor's lurid histrionics that he was, indeed, sentenced to consecutive terms. A couple of days later, it turned out to be concurrent. Over the weekend it went back to consecutive.

A call to the prosecutor's office cleared up nothing. Apparently now that the trial is over the prosecutor has no interest in John or anyone associated. I will have to call/write/visit the clerk of the circuit court and demand transcripts of the proceedings.

It is possible that the program of "120-day shock" (a de-tox program) John is undergoing may result in a probation hearing at its successful completion. I need to find out what is going to happen to him.

John's house is also in my name. He is listed as owner, but my sister and I each have a one-third interest. I need to find out what the means. I have no interest in being involved with the house, but I want to find out if I have any liabilities.

I am incredibly upset by this. Even the minimum sentence John is likely to serve is likely to be fatal to him. We have been estranged a very long time but I don't want to see him dead.

Bureaucratic Nexus

Some agency or other sent me a notice of an appointment. It arrived Saturday the 26th setting the appointment for Monday the 28th (today) at 8:00. This inconsiderate scheduling was compounded with rudeness of the sort I particularly detest.

I arrived on Four Seasons Drive (a street that appears on no map I could find) at 8:10 worried that I was late. Finding Four Seasons Drive was compounded by the fact that the "Drive" consists in its entirety, of the parking lot of the building where I was to meet.

I discovered that the entire staff of the department was attending "the Monday morning meeting". I was told that the meeting seldom lasted past "9:00 or 9:30. Sometimes 10:00 or 10:30" and lost heart. I came in agitated at my lateness. I detest being late and dislike it in others. This callous scheduling of my time against what is obviously a regular event made me angry. I worked out my anger eating eggs benedict at a nearby restaurant.

I returned at 9:00 and discovered that I was at the end of a queue. I would be seen after all the other people there despite my "scheduled" 8:00 appointment. My expression must have been eloquent, the receptionist gave the nearby security guard a meaningful look. This failed to impress me as I had heard him discussing, while I stood in line, his recent D&D adventures in utterly clueless terms. The man was a few McNuggets short of a Happy Meal.

My exasperation served me well, I suppose. I was ushered to the head of the line a few minutes later getting me (according to my sister who was there as my driver) numerous dirty looks. I guess it pays to be the blind buy. The large, pissed-off, blind guy.

The interview was in tune with the rest of the day. The civil-servant who was processing my claim for a blind pension and medicaid kept leaving her desk to consult someone else as she had "never done one of these before". That is forgivable, but disheartening. One such absence continued long enough for me to fall asleep.

After filling out a number of forms and granting right to examine my medical and financial conditions, I left. I left with no knowledge whatsoever what to expect or precisely what I had accomplished.

I am terrified by the fact that I have apparently scheduled this meeting on three other occasions. I have no memory of having done so.

Trip to Florida

I was due to leave for Florida the 25th. It didn't work out. I had intended to see Becky in New Smyrna Beach from the 25th to the 29th. I would then follow with a visit to Ed in Tampa until the 10th. After that I would go to see Luis in Austin.

Luis is just getting settled with his fiancee and a new apartment. That leg of the trip went first. Ed called to cancel on me because his in-laws are having problems. There went that leg of the trip. Somehow I lost Becky's phone number, so she kept checking on me at our agreed-upon meeting place until she finally got an e-mail explaining that I was not coming.

I would have stayed with Becky a little longer and done the vacation anyway but the purpose of the visit was to see NSB, Tampa, and Austin with an eye to finding a new place to call home. I will accomplish this goal in the winter instead of the summer. It occurs to me that traveling south in January is a lot better than doing it in June anyway.

Digital Camera

My trip to florida entailed, at least to my mind, the acquisition of a camera. I might have done well enough with disposables. I am not, for pity's sake, going to be taking good pictures — I'm blind. I did the math however and for a three week visit with a possibility of a couple of hundred pictures a digital camera (and the subsequent ownership of the camera) made the purchase economical. OK. I just wanted one.

I bought the HP model and added a 256m memory chip. As near as I can tell it will hold about 60 shots at the highest (1024x768) resolution of which it is capable. That is quite adequate for me.

I have enjoyed playing with the camera the last few days.


Cheyenne has been staying with her father for the last few days. She will be home tomorrow. Her presence will change the whole tenor of the household. The dogs love it when she his home because she and they keep going all day long.

My Dog Ate My Shoes

During my visit to the bureaucracy today, my dog gathered socks and a pair of house shoes and carted them off to the lawn. She chewed holes in one shoe so I now find myself in need of replacements. Bad! Bad dog!

"Good" Coffee

I found a "Mills Brothers" coffee kiosk at Schnuck's grocery the other day. It is hardly "gourmet" coffee but it is better quality than I have had in a while. I bought a flavored blend, Hazelnut. I have been enjoying it all week.

Psychiatric Drought

I have called, I think literally, every psychiatrist in town. Not one that is on my plan is accepting new patients. None of those not on my insurance plan will see me in less than 6 months.

My insurance company from Hell finally conceded that if I could find a doctor they would pay. They would have me make an appointment with anyone at all so they can keep up with some administrative requirement. I refuse to work with someone who can only see me twice a year.

Rennaisance Faire

There was a Rennaisance Fair in Jefferson City this weekend. It was from 11:00 to 4:00 on Saturday. I wanted to go, silly me. Nobody would take me. It was lame in the extreme judging from the web site. Sour grapes? Naah, I know lame when I see it.

No Prison For Me

Sunday I was scheduled to tour the new prison facility just completed East of town. I slept not at all Saturday night so I blew it off. I would like to have seen the place. One does not often get a chance to tour such places. C'est la merde.


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