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Nothin' doin'

Tensions are running high at the ol' homestead. Misinformation abounds and I don't know just what I should disregard. I'll not run down the list of misstatements and prevarications for you. Let's leave it that it is all unsettling to me. My disposition is fragile. This makes it worse.

I met Betty at the store the other day. I had thought her moved to Colorado. She went there months ago for training. Before leaving she discussed staying there. I heard nothing from her for the last few months and assumed she moved. The one occasion when I called her phone, it was disconnected or out of service. I know Betty from National Federation of the Blind (NFB) meetings. I may renew our acquaintance now that I know she is in town.

I have a new toy. The digital camera I ordered for my trip has arrived. Expect a flood of puppy pictures. Delta finally capitulated and refunded my ticket. They kept $50 per ticket, but I can live with that. I dug out my old tripod and may play.


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