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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
  1. I'm having a bad day.
    1. My head hurts.
    2. My back hurts.
    3. My sis is sick.
    4. I am out of soda.
      1. I made an appointment to ride the bus to the grocery because I thought nobody would be home.
      2. I cancelled the bus trip to the grocery because everybody is home.
      3. Nobody wants to take me to the grocery.

  2. My travel plans are made.
    1. I screwed up my flight to Daytona. I booked 8pm instead of 8am. I got it corrected it but it took hours.
      1. I now have a 6am flight.
      2. It is on the 25th instead of the 26th.
      3. That means getting up at 3am to get to St. Louis on time.
      4. I am going to have to take a bus from Daytona Beach.

    2. Becky won't be home because of the date change.
      1. I will have to wait hours at a restaurant for Becky to get off work

  3. The house has been a bedlam today.
    1. Kim and Mario have guests
    2. Three of the guests are kids.
    3. The house has been enjoyable loud.
    4. I think the guests are staying the night.