Karl (louderback) wrote,

Travel plans

The weekend report

I think the next couple of weeks will be unbearable for the anticipation. I am going to travel to New Smyrna Beach on the 26th. I'll arrive in Daytona beach around noon. Then I'll catch a 2:20 bus to NSB. The schedule says it is about a 20 minute ride.

Phase 2

From NSB I'll travel to Tampa. The Mighty Ed will pick me up in NSB on the 30th or 1st and drive me back to Tampa. I'll stay with him for a fairly long stretch — to the 10th.

I will be pretty busy in Tampa. I'm going to do a lot of shopping, I have no clothing less than three years old. I'm also going to spend some time with Ed's Mac. I may eventually replace my computer with a Mac. Most of the time in tampa will be spent shopping for a neighborhood. I will be looking for a place close to the resources I need to get by and on the bus lines. It will also have to be close enough to a doctor and a hospital to be a reasonable cab ride. I don't know what resources, handicapped transport, discounts, whatever but that is something I hope to discover while in FL.

I think I will go from Tampa to Austin on the 10th. I plan to spend a few days with friends there and a few days with Luis. I want to explore the area around UofT and see if it is somewhere I'd enjoy living. After the 17th I may fly back to Missouri or be picked up.


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