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Good news


Yesterday was a "good news" day. I heard from my disability lawyer. My disability pension has been approved. It will be 60 days or longer before I begin to receive money, but I can hold out until then. Being officially "disabled" feels like a defeat in some ways. However, now I have a little stability in my life and my insurance from hell can't derail me at a whim. I can, at last, make small expenditures without the niggling feeling that I am "wasting" money that I "may need later".


With a stable income for at least the next few months, I can make some much needed changes in my life. I am going to make two trips to do some scouting. I hope to spend about two weeks in Florida. I want to spend a week with Becky in New Smyrna Beach and a week with Mighty Ed in Tampa. In each place I hope to locate cheap housing and identify means of transportation. The trip should be cheap as I will have a place to stay in both towns and my biggest expense will be travel to and from each place. I will have to shell out some "gas money" and buy meals, that sort of thing, but it shouldn't be outrageous. I hope that my jaunt to Florida will enable me to identify the needed resources that would enable me to live in an assisted living or similar situation. Perhaps I can find a very cheap studio apartment near the resources I require.

My second planned trip will be to Austin. Luis has spoken well of the place. I think I would like to live in a "university district" again. If the finances line up, it would be a good place for me. I will look at such places in Florida, but Tampa hasn't such an area, really. I think Austin has a "near campus" area with all the usual cheap housing, cheap restaurants, and generally student-oriented areas. I could live well in such a place, I think. I would like to try again.


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