Karl (louderback) wrote,

3 day report

It's been a busy three days. I haven't posted because I just couldn't cope with a lot of it. There has been good news and bad news and all of it seems to have added to my stress levels. I am obsessing unpleasantly about things that are just unreasonable. I am going to try and write about them to alleviate the obessing.


My brother was in court. I won't air the family linen more than to say his sentence was about the best that could be expected. I don't honestly know the circumstances but he pled guilty and was sentenced to seven years and enforced rehab. I think that it is the best thing. I said so in my "character reference" and that seems to have angered my brother to such a degree that he wishes no further contact with me or my sister. C'est la vie, I suppose.

The same day my lawyer came by and gave me the good news and the bad news. The good news is that he has consulted with the judge and she is inclined to grant my disability claim. Hallelujah! It will make so many aspects of my life easier to manage. The bad news is that they won't accept my date of disability — which would give me almost three years of back pay — they want to date it only about a year ago. It makes no sense to me, but I agreed so as to avoid having to argue things in court. It looks, basically, like I'll get disability but only enough back pay to pay my lawyer. Not a bad bargain, really. I will get the final word on Tuesday the 8th at 15:00.


Saturday was spend calming my sister. She and my brother had a face-off and physical confrontation. She had to work with her friend on her car — which is finally running again — and wasn't able to work off the anger except in spurts. She has been cycling between giddy (at relief of not having to deal with my brother) and angry (at not having to deal with my brother). Everybody has been in between.

Sis's good news is that she now has a vehicle. She also has a line on a job at Ft. Leonard Wood. It is an area she likes and she will be returning to familiar territory, having worked at the PX in the past.


Sunday has been quiet. I am very down today for no discernible reason. I have been watching The Lady in White a movie that I genuinely enjoy. I have The Wall, Roughnecks, and Georg Carlin: Messing With Your Mind on DVD so I will be watching them the next couple of days.

I'm really really tired.


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