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Today has been a tiring day. I didn't exert myself at all, but I find I am exhausted anyway. I have been very angry today, nit-picking, and finicky. Little things set me off. I have just tried to be quiet and not let things get to me more than they should.

I found a new site today, Language Log. It led me to another, Double-Tounged Word Wrester. lutron, estoude1, and ringbark take note. I enjoy both sites but find them difficult as their level of language exceeds my own reading speed and that of my screen reader.

I haven't had a conversation, written or otherwise, at a high verbal level in many months. I find I miss some of the logic bashing that I used to do in the Training Department days in Tampa. One wonderful thing about having my boys around for as many years as I did was that teens (my teens, at least) tend toward intellectualizing most anything and don't mind arguing about it in a civilized fashion. I used to play word games with Don and Greg. Luis and I solved the worlds problems on a regular basis. Might Ed and I should be consulted before casting any movie or beginning any social or economic initiative. We always have the answers before the world begins making its mistakes.



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