Karl (louderback) wrote,

summing up


Long Day

Today has been a long day. It has been enjoyable in some ways and quite tedious in others. I've been to the moves twice recently. I saw Troy and last night The Day After Tomorrow. If you got a grade higher than a D in any physics or science-related class after 8th grade, don't go see the movie. I have been in pain most of the day, but have had lots of painkillers in me … I guess it evened out to a dull throb. I've not accomplished very much today because of the way I've felt, but I did help a seven-year-old write a poem. I guess it evened out to a dull throb. The car is still not running, but the transmission is in … dull throb. I made spaghetti for lunch which nobody ate, but we ordered chinese for supper … dull throb. I am trying to watch Desperado with a television fifteen feet away blaring Gothika … dull throb.

The Curse

Injuries abound. Friday, Kim & Mario moved in the last of their furniture. My sis helped them and broke a toe and a bone in her foot in the process.

Last night, somebody left a chair in the middle if the kitchen floor and I tripped over it big time. I suffered a full body sprain and have a spectacularly purple bruise on the back of my head.

The same day, Mario tripped and slid down the stairs on his ass. I presume he as specacularly purple bruises.

Today, Bob (who is working on the car) managed to mash a couple of fingers just this side of a trip to the emergency room.

Kim hurt her foot.

Jirel got kicked.

Nickkie got her tail stepped on.

Only Cheyenne, the seven-year-old has remained unscathed. The weekend is not yet over.


The Weekend

I had hoped to buy early tickets for Harry Potter last night, but I just couldn't get to the right place at the right time. I hope I will be able to do that in the next couple of days. I do plan to hit the first or nearly first showing locally. At that point I suspect my summer movie-going is over. I'll post my review of The Day After Tomorrow tomorrow ... or the day after.

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