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Seizure the day
nanowrimo 2010

I've added some content to louderpoetry

I had a strange day today. I went with my sister to go grocery shopping and we wound up looking at furniture. I more or less had my arm twisted to buy a chair. My recliner is almost unusable. There is a spring broken that makes it actually painful on the back to remain seated in it for long. I have long delayed a replacement because a recliner that fits me is an expensive proposition.

Today my sis talked me into looking at a chair. It turned out they had a chaise lounge that fits me perfectly and is within a price my sister can pay (I have no money). It will be a relief to sit somewhere besides in my desk chair in front of the computer.

After this spontaneous bout of furniture purchasing, we returned to our original destination, the grocery. Things went well there, soft drinks were on sale and the deli selection was better than usual. Unfortunately I had a seizure while shopping. I didn't fall, my sister caught me and I recovered quickly. It was hours later I realized that I had pulled every damned muscle in my body. Several naproxen later, my knee and back still hurt. I will be needing that new chair.

It will be delivered tomorrow.


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