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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nothing much

X-posts & updates: My web page (pix) (tour)

I have scanned numerous pictures this week. I have built a page for each of my adopted kids and begun populating them. Mostly they are broken links at this point. I added my own pictures of Viscaya. Viscaya is the Deering Estate in Miami. It is an enormous mansion built in the 1920's. I've also added a page of pictures grabbed from the web.

I am losing weight again. I'm down about ten pounds right now. I am not really striving to lose, but it leaves me happier to be losing than gaining. The doctor says that twenty pounds would significantly impact my blood sugars. I haven't noticed any impact of ten pounds.

I've been cycling very high and very low for a few weeks. Sunday was a black day for me and this week I have been "up" and "down" on a daily basis. This is not typical of my depression and I think it may be a combination of my cold, the miserably wet weather, and my lowered dose of medications. When I get back on normal levels I think this will clear up.

I have been bored this week. I haven't felt well despite getting almost-normal amounts of sleep. The house has been too hot or too cold - that's Missouri for you.

For some reason there have been a lot of changes in my friends list lately. Several people have dropped me — some of them people I didn't know had "friended" me in the first place.