Karl (louderback) wrote,

Catching up for the last week

Today's updates and x-posts: Walkers Chatroom Page New home page

I haven't updated for a few days. It has all been just to dreary to do so. It has been a week and nothing has really changed. I'm still broke, still angry, still depressed. My insurance company is still from Hell and my life basically reeks.

Now for the fascinating details...

I have been working on my web page. I have changed the home page again. I like this basic design. It is simple and relatively elegant if a bit kludgy to maintain. I have added more photos to my site. I now have five albums available: The Book of the Beach, Adventures in the Busch: volume 1, The Book of Bald Bob, The Book of the Boyz, and Sunsets. Sunsets is by far the largest collection.

The process of preparing the web page for photographs has been enjoyable, if tedious. I have been researching a number of "gallery" products for displaying and managing photos. None of them really suited me as well as just generating thumbnails. I found that the coffeecup product, pixconverter, is suitable for my needs.

I done no more work on the Walkers Chatroom Topography other than to change the background color. I don't like the new choice either and will certainly change it again. My next project along those lines is to add information to the page in the form of limericks for everyone and information pages where desired.

I have written nothing — no poetry, no prose. I simply have not felt the urge.

I am off almost all my medications now, for financial reasons. I have a 90-day supply of my diabetes medications which I am going to try and stretch by losing weight fairly drastically. I am going to try and lose 20 pounds in 90 days and hope thereby to stretch my supply of medications to an extra two weeks or a month. I am tapering off the prozac. I am already feeling some of the effects of depression coming back. I don't know, really, what to do about that. I am signing up for some programs that get meds cheap but they will all take a while to kick in. If I sound irritable and depressing (more so, I mean) for the next few weeks, you'll be able to blame my lack of meds.

Jirel and Nickkie went to the vet this week. Jirel has actually been twice. While giving her a shot, the vet cut Jirel's right foreleg (when she panicked). Jirel has licked this to the point where it looks like it might get infected. The vet took a look and gave me some antibiotics. Jirel has been taking her pills like a trouper. I think she is getting better.

Apart from being rather "down" this week, I have felt uncomfortable. I think I am coming down with something yet again. I have the sort of stomach ache that used to keep me home from middle school …. and I haven't even got a test tomorrow.

I have little else to report.


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