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O Sucky Day!

Today's updates and x-posts: Walkers Chatroom Page Beta home page

Today is a nothing day for me. I have been busy but consumed more with minutiae than anything productive. I lack the energy to do anything very productive. I've undertaken two enjoyable efforts today and been, overall, successful.

I have updated the Walkers Chatroom Topography. I've added some pictures and have added an essentially useless feature. You can now drag your image (or that of anyone or anything else) around in the room. It is interesting but useless as only you can see the changes and they can't be saved. I will work on accomplishing that later - perhaps much later. As a programming task, the database and Java might be beyond me.

I've begun a new version of my home page It is much more "animated" than my previous version. It is also much more difficult to maintain. I will not be discarding the old version just in case this one turns out to be difficult

Jirel is going to the vet tomorrow. When I had her in for her shots, she fought the vet and he injured her right foreleg with a needle. She has been licking it incessantly and it looks unpleasant. She has not yet begun to favor the leg and is not showing signs of illness but I think it prudent to take her back to get some antibiotics and a bandage.

Things, generally speaking, suck.


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