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Catching up for the week

Today's updates and x-posts: None

I have been busy. I've had more energy this week than usual. I don't know if that is good or bad. I've been to see my shrinkologist, to Dr. Diesel, to Staples, to the Bank, to the Petco, and even went so far as to plan a visit to the vet. I even began a project to put together a web page that offers a sort of representation of the chat room in which I hang around.

My shrinkologist George and I spent the entire session filling out some blather-generating form from my insurance company. We basically put down a long list of my ailments and defects. It may be an aid to my efforts to get disability. It was certainly no ego boost.

My visit to Dr. Diesel was annoying. It was basically my last visit while insured. He renewed my prescriptions for 90 days, this being my last opportunity to fill them without paying full price. That generated an immense upset for me. My deal with the pharmacy is that when I get a 90 day scrip they charge me two copays instead of three. Since my copays are all either $15 or $25 I estimated the entire cost of the refills at a little over $250. The pharmacy wants $416. I have to go talk to them in person but I can foresee the outcome. They are going to tell me that things I used to pay $15 for are now $25 or no longer on the list for copays and I will have to bend over and take it up the ass as I have no way to refute them. My memory is not good, but I am not stupid. I know when common "maintenance" drugs are on my copay. It is not reasonable for things like glucophage not to be covered. I'll go the pharmacy, make a scene, and eventually fork over what I've got.. about $100 for the drugs I must have. I had hoped to replenish my supply for the near future. Now, when things start to run out, they will just run out.

Going to Staples was a little bit of a lark. I basically wanted to window shop and had no intention of buying anything. At my sister's insistence (say that three times real fast) I wound up buying a chair instead of the graphics card I intended to scope out. I needed the chair, my old one hurt. The new one was a bargain of sorts. It is a little too tall for me (a rarity in chairs) and will take some time to accommodate yet I think it will work out well. I really shouldn't have spent $80 on a chair, but it is another one of those "lasts" I'm not likely to have a new desk chair again any time soon. If I was going to blow $80 bucks I should have bought a graphics card. On the other hand, since I don't need it, why buy the card so other people can use my computer?

I reported on my visit to Belle, MO and the bank therein. My latest trip to the bank was equally unpleasant. I managed to get some of my back pay from my employer. It is a pittance, but it gives me another month of mortgage, a cart of groceries, a desk chair, and a few necessities. I closed out all accounts at the local bank besides my checking. My saving was two-digits anyway at this point. It is very disheartening to me, disassembling my life this way. I would be happier about "cleaning up my affairs" if I had some fatal affliction. I don't like having my life pass before my eyes just because spiraling down.

One good use to which I am putting my brief access to cash involves the pets. Jirel and Nickkie will both go to the vet Monday the 4th. They both need their shots updated and now that can be done. I am also going to have Doc Howard look at a mole that has been growing on her back and probably remove it as well. The doggies have been well but I have been remiss in their health care while worrying about my own. My trip to Petco yielded flea and tick treatments and a hard plastic ball for Jirel. Perhaps it will take her more than moments to chew through this one.

I began a project this week. I have mentioned the Walkers in Darkness chat room here on a few occasions. As an homagé to the place I have created a page that describes the room and shows pictures of various regulars. The Walkers Chat Room is an unusual place. It changes size to accommodate the number of people present. The furnishings are variable in the extreme in that the number of sofas and chairs is completely indeterminate and there is always a recliner available no matter how many people are present There is never a shortage of floor cushions. One corner of the room contains a vortex, often referred to as the pit of gloom. There is a comfort corner where you can be alone with your blankey no matter how many other people are already sitting there. Another corner is called confusion corner and we all occupy that corner even when sitting somewhere else. There is a large closet in which people occasionally hide. You can be alone there no matter how many other people hide with you. The closet has a big screen TV, a loft, a gallery, a patio, a fully stocked kitchen, a hot tub, a lounging pool, a pool table, other amenities too numerous to mention. The page I've designed lacks any graphic representation of this place - it would take Escher to draw it - but it does show some of the regular inhabitants. Some of the pictures link to biographical information or to web sites. I has been fun to put together. It is a little world of walkers... maybe the owner of the site will eventually incorporate the page into the site itself.


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