nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Day started badly
nanowrimo 2010

Today's updates and x-posts: None
Today started badly. I slept poorly. I got enough hours but didn't really rest. I had some odd dreams but will not record them. It rained this morning and left me with miserable sinus trouble. I cancelled my shrinkologist appointment. I just wasn't up to it. I haven't cancelled an appoint out of sheer funk before (I don't remember doing so, anyway). I don't want this to be a habit.

March 5 is my "drop dead" date. The short term disability I've been receiving stops then. I don't know what continues after that. I may be unemployed or not. I must start the ball rolling this week on food stamps, things like that. My long term disability may kick in. There is no indication of how long that may take.


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