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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Same old Shit
nanowrimo 2010
Today's updates and x-posts: None

Jeden Tag das Selbe Scheiße

As usual I slept badly. I slept long enough but didn't rest. I took two naps today and still feel tired. I guess I have swapped over from too little to too much sleep.

I have been very depressed today. I watched "The Pest" a movie I usually find very funny and wasn't even mildly amused. I have been watching "History of the World - Part 1" and that just seems boring. I am very "flat" today. I'm not even irritable. I guess that's a good thing.

This is boring me. It must be Hell for you.

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Hay bud -

I don't ususally post comments but you are a friend. Hand in there and hold on. Your posts keep me going through all my own crud. I appreciate it. I hope the sleep come easier. I have the same troubles with sleep. Be well friend.


Re: Hang in there....

Thanks for the good wishes. I am finding more and more Walkers in LJ and Xanga.

i tried to think of something that amuses me, to see if that would also amuse you. i thought perhaps to say "the potatoes please me" since i always thought that was uproariously funny in my german class, as well as ludicrous. it's been too long, however. the only word i could pull forth was "kartoffeln" which is still funny. of course, i think potato is a pretty funny word too. now i'm just rambling, which is sometimes amusing, and sometimes extremely annoying.
i was glad when i saw the profile you put in an entry, where you stated your place of birth. i'd been wondering what your livejournal name was about.
i have a german slang dictionary. can someone explain this? "Kluppe-clothes pin; castrating instrument" WHY? what do the two have in common? now that's weird.
i hope i annoyed you not very much. i also hope you get some sleep tonight, good sleep. not too much, not too little.

Kuppe - it is a fairly common practice among farmers to castrate bulls and pigs by wrapping a rubber band around the testicles very tightly cutting off the blood flow and eventually causing them to fall off. Kuppe can also be a clothespin like device for this purpose.

Thanks for the hugs.

Not hell for me at all.

Wish for you better days...

Thanks for good wishes. Things have to get better.

Hey Karl, returning the compliment! ;)

It's not boring/hell to read, I can promise you. ;) Sorry you're not feeling too good today; I can only hope it gets better as the day goes on. I know exactly what you about sleeping too much making you tired (I slept *19* hours one night (day!) last week, and was still yawning after getting up!). Have some coffee! :D


I hear about people who have "good days" and "bad days". I'd settle for that. I just hate that nearly every day is a "bad" day or at least not a "good" one.

I'm seeing the doctor this week. Maybe he'll help me get some sleep.

I may not say much but that's only because I don't really know what to say. I wouldn't worry about thinking this journal is hell to read, though.

You forget what I do for a living; I'm already on a lower rung of reading hell!

poring over ancient grimoires... Wish I had chosen that for my profession.

Talk to you soon.

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