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Accident in the home

Arrrrgh. Was forced to leave work at noon today to visit my aged mother. She fell. She is hundreds of years old, feeble with osteoporosis and osteo-arthritis and a fall could have been quite serious. I spent the afternoon with her assuring her that her aches and pains are merely muscle strain from catching herself when she feel. She tripped over an extension cord.

Are those things good for anyone? Extension cords start fires. They get caught in your electric lawn mower blades. Old ladies trip on 'em. Ever heard anything good about an extension cord? Why are we so blind?

I just hope my assurances are well founded. If she doesn't feel some relief soon I will take her to the emergency room to be x-rayed. Like that will produce anything other than an more pain pills. No chiropractor will touch her, doctors won't operate, nobody will do much of anything. She is too old and her bones too brittle. C'est la merde.

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