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Down the Drain
nanowrimo 2010
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Great! Things just keep happening. Today the police served a summons at my brother's house. The summons was for me. I have no idea in the world what they could possibly want with me, but I am extravagantly nervous.

I have tried looking things up in casenet, but Missouri is not big on putting things on the internet. It'll probably be uploaded a year after my case is disposed. My brother says I am due in court Thursday 4 March at 17:00. Delivering the summons at 15:00 on 3 March seems uncommonly short notice.

Appearing in court will be a screaming pain in the ass. I have no means of transportation to the Osage County Courthouse (which is where I presume I am to appear) or to any still more distant courthouse. My sister will have to borrow a car from someone.

I guess you find out who your friends are in a hurry in a situation like this. My resources are extremely limited in this regard these days. Nobody I could call was willing to drive me to my brother's house (45 minutes each way) to pick up the summons or to take me to court. My sister begged the use of a car after making extravagant promises. This will allow her to retrieve the summons. I still don't know how I'll get to court.

Talk about your life going down the drain. Somebody shoot me.

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Now, I don't know anything about Missouri, but my understanding of English law is that a summons needs to be served to me, not my brother, before it has any validity. So if they want you to appear, they need to summons you, not your brother. Or is it different in Missouri?

Things are essentially the same here, but this "clerical" error has fairly dire consequences. I will have to appear to keep them from issuing an arrest warrant. The warrant might be for me or for him. If my brother fails to appear as well, the judge could confiscate his home as it has been signed over as a jail bond.

It seems a bit contrived to me.

Can't you call the court to find out what it is all about? There's got to be information on it. I would say don't assume anything until you know exactly what it says. You may also be able to contact your local police to figure it out.

That's very's VERY short notice.

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