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Diary of a Blind Madman

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Worthless day
nanowrimo 2010
Today's updates and x-posts: None

Today was utterly worthless. I got nothing done. I went nowhere. I saw nobody. I feel worse than when I woke up.

Joe (questor411 and I had a long conversation on the phone this morning. Maybe three hours in duration we talked mildly about vegetarianism and extensively about Everquest. I wish I could do everquest, but the 20 dollars a month would necessitate dropping cable or internet or something.

I am worried again about my future. With no income my only apparent option is to get foodstamps, welfare and whatever as soon as I can. I will look for work but I really don't know if I can bear wiping tables at McD or janitorial stuff.

My sis is deathly ill tonight. Flu has laid her low. She is getting out of bed only to urp. I had Kimmie and Cheyenne take me to the grocery to get her some pudding.. the only thing - including water - she has kept down today. This necessitated being locked in the car with two people with the flu. I guess I'm next. I can feel the germs flogging their way into my system as we speak.


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