Karl (louderback) wrote,

Lots of Activity today, Grocery, Pet Grooming, Cable Company

Today was a busy day. I slept poorly, as is often the case then things broke down as follows:

  • 4:00 Awakened by dog
  • 4:30 Got out of bed
  • 5:30 Meager breakfast (biscuit and coffee)
  • 6:15 On Walkers chatting
  • 8:30 Call Petco about nail clipping
  • 9:30 On the road to drop off puppies
  • 10:00 Drop off doggies at Petco
  • 10:30 Dogfood pickup at Orscheln
  • 11:00 Grocery Shopping at Aldis
  • 12:30 Checkout at Aldis, box the food, load the car
  • 12:00 Visit video store, buy Pirates of the Carribbean on DVD using Xmas present gift cards
  • 12:30 pick up doggies
  • 13:00 stop at sonic to pick up lunch
  • 13:30 On walkers again
  • 15:30 Off to cable company to get rid of Modem
  • 17:00 Stargate on TV
  • 17:30 Leftover Chinese (garlic chicken) for supper
  • 18:30 back on walkers
  • 18:50 done for tonight
  • 19:30 writing this
I think I missed a few minutes of Walkers in Darkness visits in there somewhere....

The grocery run was interesting. I haven't shopped at Aldi's for a while. They are much like the old "railroad salvage" stores used to be. They buy closeout items and "dented can" merchandise. What you find there you may never find again. There are standard items and their prices are acceptably low considering that they rarely have "brand name" items. I haven't searched such a place in a long time indeed. I was much surprised to find certain things there (chicken cordon bleu - frozen of course) in abundance and a dearth of canned staples. I expected to find tomato sauce - I found only whole tomatoes, and some cans of paste. There were tons of fresh lettuce, but the only other non-canned vegetable in evidence was carrots.

I am now fully committed to DSL. I am not a big fan in any way, but It is cheaper than cable. I am going to be cutting a lot of things out of my life in the next few days. I may have to surrender Cable TV completely (I am already at the lowest level offered). There are two channels you can get by antenna here (sometimes 3). I may be back to watching ABC and CBS exclusively. I won't list the things that are going away, but I feel my life diminishing in many different ways. I will stop now before I depress me.


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