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I have been reprieved. I have a paycheck. It should be enough to pay the bills for a month longer. I still have a day full of phone calls tomorrow. I must, as well, make a significant grocery run and do a number of errands. This will be difficult but manageable. I'd rather be busy under these circumstances than face the other horrid possibilities. My sis has managed to borrow a car, I think. So we should be fairly mobile.

This grocery run will be a bit different than the usual. We'll be buying by the case. A case each of mushrooms, tomato sauce, and whatnot. Suggestions for things to buy in bulk will be appreciated. I know that I'm going to Orscheln the local "farm and home store" for their bulk dog food. The stuff I buy is about a dollar per pound. Orscheln has it in bulk much much cheaper.

In the chat tonight I was extremely gratified at the pleasure my reprieve seemed to generate among the denizens. I feel I am genuinely liked there. That is a rare occurrence for me as acceptance is not the norm in my life. Several notes in the forums encouraging me and being supportive in various ways pleased me to an extreme degree. The folks at Walkers in Darkness are a good crowd. Many thanks to all of them.


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