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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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My life is a trainwreck
nanowrimo 2010
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Brace for whining


Things go downhill quickly. I though that I would hold out until April or so but today turns out to be the day. My Short Term Disability (STD) was terminated today. UnumProvident called me today (a national holiday) to tell me that unless they heard from my doctors today they would close my disability claim. They heard from both doctors. One doctor's office was actually closed and I tracked them down and made them work with UnumProvident. They cancelled my Disability anyway. Dr. Rice blames Unum ... they haven't paid some fee demanded by Dr. Rice's office. Unum says "the check is in the mail."

Basically I'm fucked. Is it a coincidence that this takes place as I become eligible for Long Term Disability?

My last paycheck was January 30th. Last. I will have to re-apply for STD. I don't think I can. It will take weeks in any event. I will have no income for some time and I am already behind on bills.

My last mortgage payment overdrew my account. Thus my February mortgage is unpaid. April and May can pass before they begin repossession processes. I will probably lose phone service and such before then. My phone bill is already more than a month behind. Electricity is something I won't even discuss. Water is good until the end of March, I think.

If I can sell the house fairly quickly. Not unlikely in the spring and clear any money on it I may be able to clear my bills. Unfortunately, any rent I wind up paying is more than my $500.00 mortgage.

I will call my work tomorrow and beg for a job. Maybe they can give me a minimum wage something or other answering the phones. I suspect that they will have nothing for me. I must also try to track down my W-2 for this year. Maybe filing my taxes will result in a refund. I think it will probably provide another debt, but who can tell?

There is a company in town that hires transients for cleaning work. I can probably do a janitorial job. It is minimum wage, but it might enable me to eat until I wind up out of the house. Finding a place to stay will be my high priority for the next few weeks.

This is an official cry for help. If anyone out there owes me money, now is the time to repay. If anyone out there can help me in any way, now is the time.


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I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry.

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