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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Slow start today
nanowrimo 2010
Today's updates :


I am having a slow morning. I can't concentrate on much. I need to make some phone calls. I have to arrange a handi-wheels ride for Thursday lunch and for my Friday shrinkologist appointment. I need to call the cable company, the DSL company, and my insurance company from Hell. <sigh>I also need to make some medical calls. </sigh>


I hope to move more furniture today. My plans for the bedroom have to be modified. My television can't be moved from its current location by more than a few feet. That means the exercise machine has to go in some spot other than I intended. Rethink is in progress.

Living room plans continue not to gel. Awaiting coax is tedious. Thank goodness payday comes this Friday. I am in the process of freeing up two bookcases. I am not certain for what purpose they are being cleared but it doesn't seem to me that it has a downside. I utterly lack furniture. When the weather warms, we'll have to make a round of Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Several people have recommended the pawnshops to me, but I don't think you can find furniture there. Of course, this is Jefferson City, Missouri and things don't work here as they do anywhere else.


We have switched the dogs to a cheaper brand of dogfood. It is called "Ol' Roy Kibbles, Chunks 'n Chews". The girls like the chunks and chews but the jury is out on the kibbles. Jirel has spent the entire morning whining at the front door. There is nothing visible (to me or my sis) out there to distress her, but she continues to seek exit. I haven't allowed her to run in the front yard (on a chain of course) for more than a month. Perhaps she is simply missing that activity.

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And it was lovely and warm (comparitively) today. I had to drive to Ashland with the windows open today just to have some time outdoors.

I wouldn't be surprised if she just wanted to be outside.

LOL, yes, indeed JC does have that kind of reputation.

I think that is exactly right. As the weather gets warmer she gets more and more interested in the front yard. She has a doggy door to the back, but the front is so much more interesting... neighbors, traffic, other dogs...

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