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The diet begins...

Today's updates and x-posts: None


No significant news. A bookcase has migrated and been replace with a table once found supporting a microwave. Said microwave is now on a stand of its own. Nothing much going on in this arena. I expect things to lag a while pending the acquisition (or simply the discovery) of some coax cable.


Much conversation took place today. Much for me, at any rate. I spoke to Mighty Ed this morning. We went over Return of the King but got sidetracked. He warned me off Timeline and I am grateful. I haven't much but time these days but I still have no time for bad movies.

I watched a severely mediocre movie last night. After Alice and I started off on the wrong foot. I seldom enjoy a movie that I watch at 2:00 because I can't sleep. It was muddy. Performances were adequate but not special. The plot had predictable elements — even at 2:00.

I later spoke to Randy. We haven't done our usual weekly lunch thing for a while due to the weather. We are going to try and have Mexican on Thursday if things are not too foul. He and I are also going to get together to work on the graphic problems on my machine. He knows Windows 2000 and may understand what has happened.

General Stuff

I've felt very bad lately. I slept poorly last night, dreamed ugly dreams that I'll report on some other time, and wound up watching a movie in the middle of the night. I slept late this morning and that usually leaves me in rough shape. I spent a lot of time on Walkers in Darkness chatting today. Met a few new people that I have a good feeling about. I've started trying to collect some e-mail addresses so I can build up my correspondence again. I don't know why, it just seems a good idea. There seems to be a strong influx of new people in the chat room this last week or so. I guess that's good.

I am "dieting" this week. My metabolism has been "off" so I am going to eat light suppers for a while. I am going to go "low carb" and "low meat". I've had a lot too much in the way of sausage, steak, and the like this month.


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