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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Furniture update
nanowrimo 2010
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Mission almost accomplished

Bedroom: I've moved my bed. I've rearranged the table, nightstands, laundry hamper, tape player, and stuff in my bedroom. Remaining: move in the exercise bike, relocate the TV, and clean up the pile of boxes in the corner.

Living room: the 8-foot table now supports the TV, the TV stand has become a microwave cart, the ship clock has been re-strung and polished within an inch of its existence, the bookcase graces the entryway, and vacuuming has been done. Remaining: move the breakfront to the entryway, haul the bookcase into the new living room area, move the daybed against the stairs, run cable to the new location for the television, relocate the TV, get that exercise bike outta there, find a home for the worktable in the kitchen (my bedroom?), and re-locate the microwave.