Karl (louderback) wrote,

A bit more for today


I dreamed of vampires this afternoon. I'm not going to record anything because my only recollection is of that fact, not of the dream itself. I find this sometimes happens to me - recollection of the subject matter with out remembrance of details.


I napped an hour at 16:00 après-shrink. I was miserable in the extreme. I can't say why, but most of my sessions leave me in a bad mood. This one left me bummed and exhausted. I had to nap.

News of the World

Actually, news of the Ed. I was delighted to hear from Ed that the house he wanted was still available and that his offer was accepted. He is still awaiting final word, I think, but things look good. I am envious. <sigh>I wish I were buying a house in Florida.</sigh>


I was borderline shocked to learn that "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was showing on Bravo tonight. I don't recall it ever being on television before. I owned the 25th anniversary VHS tape. Now I want the DVD. I cannot say precisely why.


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