Karl (louderback) wrote,

Today has to get better

The Day Sucks
I got up at 6:00. DSL was out until around 8:00 this morning. My bagel had gone stale. A nothing morning (thanks that there were no phone calls) was followed by left-over spaghetti di Karl. At noon I fell asleep in my recliner and slept until nearly 14:00. I had hideous dreams. I look forward to an afternoon that sucks less. It shouldn't be difficult.

Puppy News
Jirel, today, climbed up on my desk and ate a cookie that had been left there. Hard to blame her as it looks precisely like one of her home-baked doggy treats. Still, she knows she should not take anything that is not in her bowl. I felt bad "punishing" her, she always takes it so hard. Still, yelling "bad dog" is not all that cruel of me.

Nickkie on the other hand has been a good girl. Janet tells me she learned to use the doggy door in the night. I have seen her go outside on her own. Twice today she came back in of her own volition. Hip! Hip! Hooray! You can teach an old (6 year old) dog new tricks!


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