Karl (louderback) wrote,

Things are NOT going well

Bad Day
Things started off poorly today. I had to cancel a doctor's appointment because of lack of transportation. I am rescheduled for Tuesday 9 March at 8:20. It is very punitive to miss an appointment. In addition, my headache is present in full force. I slept poorly. I had bad dreams. *sigh*

It didn't snow as expected; that is good news. <sigh>I had hoped it would warm slightly so as to mitigate my enormous heating bill.</sigh> The temperature now is 30° and is expected to peak at a whopping 38°. I want to live on the equator! Jamaica sounds nice. Fiji?

Puppy News
Nickkie still hasn't come to terms with the doggy door. She has learned to nudge through the door, but still requires someone to stand by her and urge her through. She will go out in this fashion, but cannot be coaxed inside. Oh well.

Phone Drudgery
I have to phone about half a dozen doctors again today to see if they did what they said they did. I hate being this kind of a nudge, but it seems like they never actually do what I ask unless I bug them. UnimProvident is a hellish pain in the behind. They demand exorbitant amounts of information after every visit and no doctor (no doctor of mine, anyway) wants to accede to their demands. They don't have to do it for any of their other patients.

On top of all else...
I'm in a positively vile humor. I don't like being this way. I spend my whole day biting back remarks and stomping about. Stamping about? Whatever. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I'm losing weight again? I bounce up and down so much that it is hard to gauge just what is happening but my belt is too big so I must be losing inches if not pounds. I need some clothes that fit.


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