Karl (louderback) wrote,

Back to normal

Walkers in Darkness
I spent much of my day today bouncing in and out of the Walkers chat. I didn't contribute much, but I needed some fellow travelers. Mostly it was a good day, lots of people I like were there and active. I couldn't stay logged in very long. I can't really say but it was necessary for me to get out of the room periodically. As soon as I did, I signed back in. Go figger!

Today's "activities"
My sis returned at about Noon today. Things are back to normal. The dishwasher was fixed by her friend Bob. Thanks Bob! Washing dishes by hand was a pain.

There was nothing on television today. There is still nothing on TV. I have been watching a Charmed marathon. Ewwwww. I watched again Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I have watched bits and pieces of it for several days now. Today I watched the entire movie. I must remember to do a review in movie_snobs. More later.


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